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Mini Muslims Club : Summer Edition

We believe that children are born eager to learn, and encourage our students to explore within their environment. Our religious environment provides children with the opportunity to interact with other Muslims under the supervision of Islamic Scholars. This program also provides a wide range of highly engaging activities to keep your children occupied while you further your own Islamic Studies!

Mini Muslims Club  Summer 2022.png
  1. Islamic Interactive Story Time

In this activity, we will be using different religious stories to teach Islamic values and morals.

    2. Crafts Related to the Story

This activity encourages children to apply what they learn while interacting with the story and each other.​

    3. Cleaning up Together

This will teach children to work together to accomplish a goal and it also instills responsibility. 

Class Schedule
School Calendar Year:

Monday, June 20th, 2022 – July 8th, 2022

Daily Schedule

Monday – Friday: 8 :45 AM - 1 : 00 PM


This course will be offered at a flat fee of $200


This program will be offered to boys and girls

Age Limit: 1-5*

Apply now and our admissions committee will contact you shortly


This program has limited spots.

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