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The Quran

Full-Time Hifz

Why is our Method Unique?




At Islamic Institute of Atlanta, we believe in working together and detailed reporting. Therefore, we use a software application called ‘Ad-Din’ This software allows us to inform parents/guardians on a daily basis about the progress of their child. We keep a detailed daily, weekly, monthly and yearly report about the progress of your child’s Quran memorization. 

Our Hifz course is dedicated towards the memorization of the entire Holy Qur’an leading to certification as “Hafiz al-Qur’an”. Students are prepared to learn the fundamentals of Islamic belief. With this program they will be better equipped to further pursue advanced educational studies. This program will enable students to lead the congregational Salah, including the Taraweeh prayers in Ramadan.


Students will be taught to memorize in the entire Quran along with proper pronunciation and Tajweed. Along with memorizing Quran, students will also study basic Islamic Sciences, such as purification, Salah, memorization of Hadith, and Duas.


Al-Furan Academy strives to excel in every field, hence why in 2020 we merged with Islamic Institute of Atlanta to bring you the best Quranic classes. 


Hifz-ul-Qur’an classes are conducted by qualified and experienced Hufffaz with a low teacher-student ratio. The Hifz program is based on the balanced approach between the preservation of the previous work committed to memory as well as mastery of the new lessons: new lesson (Sabaq), last quarter (Sabqi) and all-juz memorized (Manzil).


Following are some of the details of the program:

  • Entrance criteria are for student and parent to have a desire to do Hifz-ul-Qur’an.

  • Each student will be required to master Nazeerah (reading Qur’an) and tajweed rules before moving into Hifz-ul-Qur’an.

  • Standards and rubrics have been developed to assist in making students successful in Hifz-ul-Qur’an.

  • An annual and monthly planner for each student will be developed with the student and parent’s involvement and commitment. The planning and tracking will take into consideration motivating the student towards success.

  • Complete memorization of the Qur’an
  • Knowledge and implementation of the rules of Tajweed

  • Knowledge of the introductory Fiqh of ‘Ibadah (i.e. Wudhu, Salah, etc). 

  • The Hifz coursework is simultaneously completed with secondary school studies. 








Hifz Curriculum

Graduation Requirements

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