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Financial Aid

At Islamic Institute of Atlanta we do not reject students due to lack of funds. However, tuition is vital for the survival of the school's expenses. So regardless if you are requesting financial aid or not, we request the parents to make an effort to help us collect with the following methods. At the end, Islamic Institute of Atlanta will provide financial aid for those who are in need of it.

1. Sponsor a Student

The best method in helping Islamc Institute of Atlanta collect funds, is by helping us find more sponsors. This can be done either by sharing our link:

Or we may make you a personal link with your name on it which will allow you to collect donations via our donation portal , for example:

Sister Rayyanah is helping Islamic Institute of Atlanta collect $1000

To request this option, please e-mail us at:

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*Georgia Residents Only*

Help us find more people to pledge their taxes. Pledging is FREE!

This is the easiest form of Sadaqah Jaariyah!

In the state of Georgia, you are able to redirect your GA State taxes to the school of your choice!

The catch however is, you will pay your taxes one year in advance.

How does this work? For detailed information visit this link:

The maximum amount one may pledge:

Individuals up to $1,000
Married-Joint up to $2,500

Select S-Corp for all LLCs, Partnerships and Pass-through Entities
S-Corp-Individual - up to $10,000
S-Corp-Joint - up to $20,000

C-Corp, Trust, or Other Entity    up to 75% of the estimated Georgia Tax Liability

Every Parent is requested to PLEDGE. Pledging is free!

Pledge Here:

Make sure you select 'Al Furqany Academy - Lilburn'

If you would like more details, please e-mail us at: and we will be more than happy to help you!

3. Zakat

Islamic Institute of Atlanta accepts ALL students regardless of their status and financial situation.

Zakat collections are used ONLY for students who are not able to afford any tuition and are eligible for Zakat.

Given the large number of refugees that are moving to America. We want to ensure that they have the proper Islamic upbringing and education, especially in this era of ignorance!

For information: please e-mail us at:

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4. Employer Donation Matching

Islamic Institute of Atlanta now has an employer donation matching program, also known as Double the Donation (DTD). ​


Please click on the following link:


You will find a donation option to search for your company to see if they will match your donation! After your donation, we will give you a link to a donation matching page with your employer’s matching procedures. This donation matching page will be branded with our organization’s logo and ur tax ID and contact information. It will also have answers to the most frequently asked questions about corporate matching

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5. Donate a Car

Islamic Institute of Atlanta is now accepting cars as donations!

How does it work?

1. Fill out the form at the following link:

2. We will call you and schedule a pick-up.

3. The company that picks up the car will send us a donation!

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