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Alhamdulil’lah with growth and expanded activities Al-Furqan Academy is looking for candidates to join Al-Furqan’s dedicated team of individuals for following roles:

  • Math and Science

  • Language Arts

  • Hafiz and Hafizah

  • Qura’anic Arabic


Al-Furqan Academy is a unique educational model and approach that promotes complete education, incorporating Hifz-Ul-Quran with Academic education using internally developed standards and curriculum. Al-Furqan Academy’s team  strives to develop a sense of self-esteem in each student, as a Muslim, as a community member and as a citizen of the country. This will be developed not just through teaching but also creating an environment that is centered on love of Islam – the total way of life.

Al-Furqan Academy is managed professionally and believes in team work, developing and nurturing its team members in an environment of collaboration and respect for all individuals.

For more information on Al-Furqan Academy please visit

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