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Al Furqan Academy is a community of active learners working in concert for the development of individual success and self-esteem. It employs a comprehensive curriculum that seeks to develop the whole child–intellectually, physically, spiritually, socially, aesthetically, and emotionally. Teachers and students in the Al Furqan Academy hold themselves and each other to the highest expectations. The school academically challenges its students in math, social studies, language arts, and science, while at the same nurturing emotional and creative development.


The Al Furqan Academy is responsive to the needs of its students. The shool provides the students with teachers who are readily available to offer the assistance students need in school. Along with their academic classes, students learn Islamic values relevant to their lives through our comprehensive Islamic character education and guidance curriculum. Students are also given the time to reflect on their spiritual convictions through our Tarbiya program.


Al Furqan Academy seeks to conceptualize and promote the healthy growth of young kids as ethical citizens and increasingly competent, self-sufficient young people who are optimistic about the future. To achieve these goals the school is structured on learning Humanities and Math/Science along with Hifz-e-Quran.


Al Furqan Academy feels strongly that the most successful learning strategies are ones that involve each student personally. Therefore, we offer learning strategies that promote student participation and their involvement ensures they enjoy learning.

IIA has acquired qualified staff dedicated to overseeing our student’s day to day academic progress and making sure they are completing the necessary requirements for the curriculum. Students that need extra help are given time set aside for them during the day per grade level, to review subjects important subjects like math, english, history, and science to ensure they have the skills to perform well.

While online teachers provide academic instruction and guidance, the Learning Coach also provides important support. For example, the Learning Coach:

  • Helps students organize the learning environment

  • Uses provided instructional guides to help students make progress through daily lessons

  • Uses online tools to help students log attendance and manage their schedules

  • Communicates frequently with teachers in order to foster students’ success


Learning Coaches receive support in various ways, from written guides to live online sessions with other Learning Coaches.

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