Islamic Institute of Atlanta

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Islamic Institute of Atlanta hopes to add to the USA Muslim community by developing and implementing many educational programs, including an intensive seminary program (6-year Alim course), a Qur’an memorization program (Hifz) integrated with a fully accredited K-12 Islamic School, family & youth programs, other youth-centered activities, counseling, consulting Masajid & Islamic Schools, Part-Time Islamic Courses for all ages, toddlers and young children programs, community service, and Islamic Scholarship Services for Masajid all over Georgia. 

Now accepting applications for 2022-2023


Islamic Institute of Atlanta provides a unique educational experience: An accredited Islamic School with a difference emphasizing balanced education excelling in both Academics and Qur’anic learning.

Alim Program

The Aalimiyyah course is a comprehensive study of the Islamic Sciences, the breadth of which includes expertise in:  Arabic grammar, Tajweed, Literature, Tafseer Al-Qur’an, Hadith, Islamic Law (Fiqh), and Islamic History. 

1-year intensive
Foundations of Faith

This course is designed for those who would like to take a one year break from studies and/or work and spend one year in an intensive (VERY INTENSIVE) course to learn basic knowledge of Islam. After this course students may continue their studies in our Aalimiyyah program.

Summer camp

Islamic Institute of Atlanta (IIA), is excited to announce its annual children’s Summer Camp which will begin on June 20th!



- Quran 📖

- Islamic Studies 📚

- Sports 🏀⚽🏈

- Crafts

- And many more activities! 

summer intensive
essentials of islam

Essentials of Islam is a new course designed to help Muslims of all ages learn the basics of the Deen. We know our hectic and busy life doesn’t allow us to learn the essentials of our religion. This one month intensive will go over core subject that every Muslin needs!

Support our Institute

Not everyone is able to become a hafiz of the Quran or a Scholar of Islam. This is an amazing opportunity to earn the reward of a Hafiz of Quran and/or a Scholar of Islam!. Support our projects in any capacity.

May Allah reward you immensely! 

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Sponsor a Refugee


At IIA, we accept all students regardless of their status and their financial situation. No Muslim should be denied and deprived of Islamic Knowledge to due lack of Funds. We provide our students with lodging, food, Academic and Islamic Studies!

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Sponsor a Student

There are some students at IIA that are only able to afford a portion of their tuition. Collecting tuition is vital for the success of IIA. In order for us to continue providing high standards in both the Islamic and Academic fields, we are in need of your support to Sponsor students, who are either memorizing the Quran or becoming scholars of Islam!

Digital Magazine

Alhamdulillah, our students at IIA under the supervision of their teachers have started a new Digital Magazine.

The magazine will contain:

- Articles written by various teachers & students

- 99 Names of Allah

- Games & Quizzes for Children

- Important Reminders

- Printable Documents

Suggested Donation $5/Month


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